Setting The Bar

Elite fitness programs for the discerning

Creating milestones of many firsts in India.

The Zone has always led the way in fitness. We started as the country’s most advanced gym and group-fitness training studio. Over the decades, we have evolved to a specialised personal training studio.

We offer customised training programs to effectively address your specific goals and needs.

Our personal training sessions

  • Provide result-oriented, energising, and safer workouts

  • Effectively maximise your time and effort spent with us

“I just love the vibe and the inclusive culture The Zone has, it is not just a reflection of Anjali and Sharat who have co created such a wonderful space, but it’s a reflection of me, of everyone who works there from trainers to people who come to train.”

- Manisha Vyas

Our Journey over the decades


  • The Zone started as a group exercise studio that pioneered a program of varied fitness-based classes in exercise to dance to martial arts to yoga; all available in one space. 


  • In 2001 The Zone was the first fitness studio, in the country, to introduce customised training programs on the widest range of, international quality, strength and cardiovascular equipment.

  • Next we added an intelligent dimension to exercise and the workout experience with a computerised personal tracking system to provide real-time feedback while exercising and for off-line progress tracking.

  • The Zone introduced the first fully-equipped Pilates studio in India with Fitness and Rehab programs on specialised Pilates equipment.

  • Pilates Teacher Training Certification programs in India were pioneered by The Zone.

2013 onwards:

  • In 2013 we launched a Personalised Training Program - High Intensity and Core Challenge (H.I.C.C.) based on The Zone Functional Training Principles, incorporating strength and conditioning, core strengthening and Pilates resistance training. This is a one-of-its-kind unique Personal Training Program designed to be customised for every individual Zone client.

“What I like most about Zone is that they have a very scientific approach to fitness. They don’t function like most run of the mill gyms out there.”

- Yashveer Lauly

Being in The Zone

Experience the difference The Zone is constantly evolving; a work in progress. 

As the knowledge and information available in this dynamic field changes, we too progress and grow. 

All our programs focus on an integrated holistic approach to combine functionality in strength, core, flexibility, and cardio training.

“Anjali and Sharat believe in a hands-on approach and completely involve themselves; which is what sets apart The Zone Studio, in a class of its own.”

- Sunitha R

Our focus is always you

Stronger | Fitter | Healthier

We draw from the ethos of healthy living: ‘Work Your Body, Work Your Mind’.

All our programs are based on functional training. Our goal is to help you enjoy a better quality of life; by minimizing stress and injury to the body.