Consistency is Key

Which workout should I do to see best results?’ That’s a question I get asked often.
My answer, ‘the workout that you will do consistently’.  

Consistency is really the key starting point to achieving results in your exercise program; in anything in life actually!

Today most of us are in a constant state of flux; with our lives filled with a range of activities beyond work and home.  Unfortunately this can leave us perpetually short on time and, as we all know, the first thing to get knocked off the day’s to-do list tends to be our workout.

How then to stay consistent?
One way to address the consistency-factor is to find a workout program that you will enjoy. This will help keep you focused and motivated towards staying regular with your workouts; and exercise done regularly will naturally lead to positive results.

Another important factor to be considered to help stay the course with your workouts, is the time that you schedule your workouts for.

There are many theories constantly put forth regarding exercise and one of these often relates to the ‘best time of day’ that one is supposed to work-out.

Arbitrarily suggesting ‘the correct time to work-out’ to a person, irrespective of whether it will be possible or not, just doesn’t make sense.

I prefer to keep it simple; the best time is the time that the person can consistently come in for their exercise. Whether that is morning, noon, evening it doesn’t worry me. I’d rather the person comes in to work-out regularly instead of missing sessions because they were unable to make it at the ‘right’ suggested time.

To achieve your fitness and exercise goals you have to remember consistency, in your focus and effort, is what will get you there. After all, no work-out is going to give you results if you don’t actually do it.


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