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From quality Fitness Equipment to optimum Space Layout to the most effective Training Programs and more.


Whether you are motivated by your passion for fitness or see the potential for a successful investment in a fitness centre, we can help with our expertise and experience of over thirty years.

We understand how much goes into a successful fitness centre.  
Space | Design | Equipment selection and sourcing | Skilled Trainers | Program offering and pricing | Operations | Marketing

From 360 degrees solutions to customised specific requirements, we offer consulting and advisory services that will enable you to make informed choices and decisions to maximise successful results while minimizing hurdles and risks.



Co-founders Anjali Sareen and Sharat Sareen, in 2001, introduced the country’s most advanced commercial gym and group-fitness training studio.

Spread over 7000 sq ft the fitness studio had the widest range of premium international strength and cardiovascular equipment, from Precor (USA) to Hammer Strength.


The Zone was also the first in the country to introduce customised training plans for each client – developed by Anjali Sareen, Training and Education Director.
We followed this up with adding the FitLinxx System, a computerised personal tracking system, to provide real-time feedback while exercising and for off-line progress tracking. Another first in the country.


Our journey, of course, started earlier, in the 1990s, as the country’s most comprehensive group-fitness training studio with varied programs ranging from hi-lo intensity classes, martial arts, tai chi, yoga, dance and more.


Pioneers of Pilates Fitness, Rehab, Sports and Education programs in India.

The first fully-equipped Pilates studio was set-up by The Zone.  Anjali Sareen is also the country’s original Master Trainer for Pilates Teacher Training.


In 2013 we launched High Intensity and Core Challenge (H.I.C.C.)  a unique, one of its kind Personal Training program developed by Anjali Sareen.

This program is based on her decades of experience - in fitness, rehab, sports performance, and special populations.
The total body workouts with core strengthening and stabilisation aim to improve quality of life and reduce risk of injury – at home, work, and play.
The H.I.C.C. is a functional fitness program that adapts well to Personal and Group Training.





Our approach is distinctive.

  • Based on expertise and experience, acquired over 30 years.

  • Innovative and contemporary, in sync with the vast, constantly evolving knowledge and information in this field.   

We offer consulting and advisory services from 360 degrees solutions to customised specific requirements for Individuals and Commercial Enterprises.


“Choice of equipment should be based on longevity, biomechanics and purpose. Not only on cost or looks.”

— Sharat Sareen, Co-Founder The Zone


EXPERTISE. With unrivalled expertise in equipment, training methods, and innovations we are able to advise on selection and sourcing of equipment for Individuals, Private Gyms, and Commercial Centres. We help you decide on the right combination of equipment for current needs and for continued expansion plans.

MARKETING STRATEGY. A focused, targeted marketing plan is key to creating brand awareness along with a steady and growing presence.

TRANSPARENCY and best prices for all your investments.


EDUCATION and TRAINING programs for Trainers. A crucial factor that can power your fitness center into a successful, thriving business is a skilled team of Instructors and Trainers.
Quality training ensures your team is able to build a loyal, steady client base. And, continued education programs enable you to upskill your team to expand your offering with innovative, varied programs.

Ability to guide, mentor, and customise solutions to specific requirements.

Design and layout, operations, program offerings to optimise revenue streams, and expansion plans.


“Fitness programs that help clients ‘Train Smarter’ lead to better results and a loyal client base - both crucial to a successful business.”

— Anjali Sareen, Co-Founder The Zone

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