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Comprehensive Reformer & Mat Pilates Level 1 - MUMBAI



Learn and develop Pilates teaching and programming skills with premium education and training. Learn how to work effectively with group classes and personal training.

Suitable for – Fitness Professionals, Physiotherapists, Personal Trainers, Group Instructors, Professionals and enthusiasts in Dance and Performing Arts, Yoga Instructors, Movement and Sports Coaches, Career-changers, and Fitness enthusiasts.

As a Zone-trained Pilates instructor you will be able to expand your role beyond a conventional trainer/coach. With this Comprehensive Program you will learn to select, program and teach effective, varied workouts from a repertoire of hundred plus exercises on the reformer and mat.

EXCLUSIVE Course Benefits:

  • Program designed and taught by Anjali Sareen, pioneer and original Master Trainer of Pilates in India. Anjali has 30 years of experience in the fitness, movement, and rehab field.
    She is known for her keen eye for detail in teaching with corrections and cues.

  • The only course that offers access to a fully equipped studio for practice for 10 days (20 hours).

  • Job Placement Opportunity with established Pilates Studios across India.

  • Continued Guidance after course completion.


Cost: INR 74,000 + 18% GST

Location: Activ8, Juhu, Mumbai
Duration: 60 hours

Dates: January 2022
Attending Class: 20 hours
Friday 7th, Saturday 8th, Sunday 9th.

Practice Sessions: 20 hours
Monday 10th – Friday 14th and
Monday 17th – Thursday 20th.

Attending Class: 20 hours
Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd, Sunday 23rd.

Daily Timings:
To be announced

Course Details:

  • Learn from Master Trainer Anjali Sareen – 40 hours

    - Principles of Stabilisation and Movement
    - Reformer and Mat Pilates exercises
    - Programming workouts for personal and group training
    - How to teach focusing on injury-prevention
    - Incorporating core-engagement principles and focusing on joint stability, posture and muscular imbalances, and muscle engagements
    - Teaching with cues and corrections to maximise results for clients
    - Building variety, intensity and challenge with variations and modifications.

    Interactive learning sessions with demonstrations, physical practice, programming and teaching practice.

    Participate in workouts conducted by Anjali Sareen to understand programming, flow, cues and corrections.

  • Teaching and Programming Practice Sessions – 20 hours
    Strengthen your programming and teaching skills through practice sessions with fellow participants by working and teaching on Reformers and mat, along with props and accessories as needed.

  • Participants will receive Manuals covering material taught.

  • A Completion Certificate will be presented at the end of the course.

- Fees paid are non-refundable.
- Participants’ 10-day studio practice will be available on fixed days and specific hours. Practice sessions will be subject to guidelines that will be outlined at the start of the course.

15 November

Comprehensive Reformer and Mat Pilates Level 1

3 March

Comprehensive Reformer and Mat Pilates Level 1