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Our experience to your advantage

Co-founders Sharat Sareen and Anjali Sareen, Pioneers of Pilates in India, introduced the first fully-equipped Pilates studio in the country. Since 2005 they have set the bar for quality Pilates Studios and Pilates Education and Training, in India.


Your Pilates Studio

A passion for Pilates or a goal to expand your current offering or the potential for a successful investment in a Pilates studio. Whatever your reason, to set up a home or commercial studio, we can help.

With our expertise and experience, built over decades, we understand how much goes into a successful Pilates studio.

An integral part of the process is the Pilates equipment, from an entry-level machine to a fully-equipped commercial space. We have a thorough understanding of the Pilates equipment available.

We help you make informed choices and decisions, on the right combination of equipment, for your current needs and for continued expansion plans.


Our role goes beyond that of an equipment vendor.

Sharat and Anjali have an in-depth understanding of contemporary needs in fitness, rehabilitation, and special populations. When advising on equipment their objective is to have the client buy what is needed and is most suitable for their goals.

Read this informative post to know more about what to consider when choosing your Pilates equipment.

We are exclusive distributors of Elina Pilates equipment in India.

Manufactured in Spain, the machines are designed with an emphasis on functionality, durability, and a focus on quality control. The machines provide a user experience that rates high on safety and comfort.
In the industry, these machines offer a very advantageous price/quality ratio.


To know more contact Sharat Sareen on +91 98453 91006


The Zone Advantage

When guiding you on suitability of different machines, along with varied models available, our approach is distinctive.

Our recommendations are based on our technical knowledge of Pilates equipment, backed by our extensive experience of using Pilates equipment for a wide range of Pilates Programs.

Co-founders Sharat Sareen and Anjali Sareen pioneered Pilates in India.

Sharat Sareen has unrivalled expertise, across the country, in Pilates and fitness equipment, training methods and innovations.

Anjali Sareen is India’s original Master Trainer for Pilates Education and Training. She has pioneered Pilates Programs for Fitness, Rehabilitation, and Special Populations.


Elina Pilates Equipment

Elina Pilates offers a range of equipment that is beautifully designed and manufactured using superior materials and following stringent quality controls.
With a strong focus on safety and comfort these machine rate high on user experience.
The range consists of all Pilates machines with various models. Also available are Pilates small equipment and accessories.

In the industry the Elina Pilates equipment offers a very advantageous price/quality ratio.

Elite Wood Reformer

Aluminium Reformer


Ladder Barrel with Wooden Base

Ladder Barrel with Steel Base


Elite Wood Reformer with Tower

Aluminium Reformer with Tower

Pilates Chair with Wooden Base

Pilates Chair with Steel Base

Elite Wood Reformer with Jumpboard


To know more contact Sharat Sareen on +91 98453 91006


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