Movement is fascinating

‘You are a work in progress’, is the mantra that I apply not only in all things fitness but to all aspects of life.  

We are made to move and often we take that fact for granted.  Functional, effective movement is the focus and underlying principle in all my work.  

The main goal, above all others, in any exercise program should be to help a person be fit, healthy and functional for the long-term. The rest will follow in a natural progression as a result of that.

To achieve this, the focus needs to be on finding the right fit for each person on a physical and mental level with the exercise program that they do. 

Movement allows us to be strong, powerful, and efficient; enabling us to lead active lives to the best of our abilities.
Unfortunately increasingly one sees a focus not on the quality of a movement or the purpose of it; but just a need to finish the reps or get through the workout and move on. 

But move on to what? As we keep stressing our bodies with badly executed, repetitive and injury-prone movements how can we expect our body to continue to support us in all that we can and should be able to do?

The quality of the movement is what matters; not just getting there.  

If you want to truly experience the joy of being able to move with strength and power then you have to allow for the mind and body to go through the process of understanding, doing, learning and strengthening.

This requires patience and an approach of ‘progression through work’ that is not achieved in the hurried time-frame that we apply to matters of fitness. 

But the rewards are tremendous.

Movement, to me, is fascinating.  The simplest movement done with strength and fluidity is amazing to behold.  And if I can help another in achieving it, I’m thrilled. 


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