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Teacher Training Programs with Master Trainer Anjali Sareen

Elite programs designed and taught by India’s Original Master Trainer Anjali Sareen

“Movement can heal and strengthen, or cause stress.
The difference comes from how it is taught.”

— Anjali Sareen

The pioneer of Pilates Fitness and Rehabilitation in India, Anjali has trained and guided fitness professionals, physiotherapists and movement specialists in this method.

Passionate about teaching, she focuses on quality education programs for general and specialized areas of fitness and movement. 


For 30 years The Zone has been delivering effective results for better fitness and health through programs in:
Pilates (equipment, mat) | Functional Fitness Training | Pre- and Post-Natal | Rehabilitation

This vast experience is carried forward into training imparted in the courses, making The Zone Education programs trusted and popular across the country and overseas.

Premium Quality Pilates and Fitness Teacher Training courses with Anjali Sareen

The Zone Teacher Training ADVANTAGE

The teaching methods and course content make our programs distinctive in their approach to fitness education.

Whether you start with our foundation courses or choose our continued education programs, your learning at The Zone will position you a cut above the others in the field.
Because, with us you are not just acquiring a certificate but are gaining quality knowledge and skills that will enable you to teach effectively and successfully, helping you build a loyal client-base.


We help you stay current and updated with our Continuing Education programs that upskill you to stay competitive and ahead.
As part of The Zone alumni you gain access to Pilates Studios and Fitness Centres within India and overseas for job opportunities and placements.

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Quality Pilates Teacher Training with Master Trainer Anjali Sareen

Comprehensive Training

Theory | Application | Programming | Practical Teaching

The Zone Teacher Training programs enable you to expand your role beyond a conventional trainer/coach.

Our education provides a comprehensive mix of theory, practicals, observation and teaching practice to ensure effective understanding and learning.


The constantly growing fitness industry has tremendous potential for fitness instructors and trainers.

This has also led to an increase in fitness trainer certifications being offered.

Wanting multiple certifications, fitness trainers often compromise on quality of the certifications being acquired. This, however, only leads to a decline in the quality of teaching with limited success in their career path.


“To be a successful and effective instructor, it is necessary to know how to custom program, make corrections and modify workouts for different individuals.
To achieve this it’s important to not only know the exercises but also understand how to apply this knowledge for specific goals and needs.”

— Anjali Sareen

  • Systematic learning through progressive levels

    Our programs start from a foundation level and progress to varied levels that can be chosen based on your career goals.

    All courses are available in accessible modules of time and material taught, to facilitate optimum understanding for developing successful teaching skills.

    The knowledge and information in this field is vast and always evolving. The Zone Continued Education Programs enable Instructors and Trainers to upgrade their skill-set regularly.

  • Learn effective programming and teaching skills

    To ensure effective result-driven workouts the ability to custom program for different goals and fitness levels is critical.

    Working with a standard one size fits everyone exercise chart is a limiting, ineffective approach.

    Our courses place a strong emphasis on learning to practically apply material taught and program customised, progressive workouts.

    Through our education programs we help build teaching skills on how to cue and correct for your clients - focusing on alignments, muscle engagements, movement patterns, to ensure clients achieve their goals while staying injury-free. Read more about The Zone Teacher Training Education Programs.

An Integrative Approach

The Zone Education Program provides teaching, guidance and support to:

  • Professionals wanting to enhance their skill-sets

  • Fitness enthusiasts and career changers wanting to become successful teachers

  • Studio owners, or instructors wanting to set up their own studios, with administrative and marketing solutions


Some of the Courses and Workshops offered are:

  • Pilates on the Mat – Level 1

  • Reformer Pilates – Level 1

  • Comprehensive Reformer & Mat Level 1 

  • Effective Teaching - Anatomy and Programming

  • Prenatal Mat

  • Prenatal Reformer Pilates

  • Tower and Reformer – Level 1

  • Foam Roller: Total Body Integration with Pilates and Functional Stabilisation

  • Stability Cushion – Functional Training (Total Body Integration Series)

  • Medicine Ball – Strength and Conditioning with Core Training (Total Body Integration Series)

  • Pilates Resistance Ring: Total Body Integration with Functional Stabilisation

  • Stability Chair Pilates - Level 1

  • Ladder Barrel Pilates - Level 1

  • Pilates on the Mat – Level 2

  • Reformer Pilates – Level 2

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Learn to teach fitness, motivate, and help others to achieve a fitter, healthier life.