H.I.C.C. Personal Training

Experience Personal Training with a difference

Specialised High Intensity & Core Challenge (H.I.C.C.) Workouts

Anjali Sareen designed this one of a kind program based on her vast experience over the last 3 decades.

The program is customised for each individual, so it works for YOU, and gets you real, visible results. For your personal fitness, custom workouts are ALWAYS more effective than the one-size-fits-all approach.

Personal Training S&C workouts at The Zone Studio

H.I.C.C. Workouts - a unique combination

Strength and Conditioning | Pilates Resistance Training | Core Strength & Challenge | Interval Training for Fat-burning and Endurance-building

Battleropes strength workouts at The Zone

Total Body Integration Workouts

Customised to get you stronger, leaner, fitter. Focused on injury-prevention.


A primary focus of the H.I.C.C. Program is to address the increasing rise in workout related injuries and stresses to the body, being caused by incorrectly done gym workouts and fitness programs.


“A strong, agile body that works well instils a feeling of strength and confidence in us – not just in how we look but also in how we perform and are able to use our bodies.”

— Anjali Sareen


“The Zone is not just my workout place, it’s my happy space. It's a place I happily travel from across town for. I have been training with Anjali at The Zone for over 3 years now and I have learnt so much about my body in a way I had never before in my long and intense training time spent doing CrossFit.”

— Manisha Vyas

Strength Training sessions at The Zone Studio Koramangala

“Train smarter. Focused effort with efficient movement, leads to better results.”

— The Zone Movement Principle

TRX personal training at The Zone Mind and Body Studio


Anjali Sareen’s knowledge, expertise and experience of 3 decades is behind all client programs and instructor training at The Zone.

The Zone Team of Personal Instructors undergo comprehensive training and mentoring in all programs offered. Continuing education programs ensure they stay updated and effective in their teaching to maximise your results.

This education and training enables them to expand their roles from conventional personal trainers to Instructors who are able to ensure a customised program integrating your fitness and lifestyle goals.

Our Instructors are among the finest professionals worldwide, dedicated and committed to helping each individual they work with.

Specialised Personal Training Workouts


  • 45 minutes workouts that are time-efficient, to schedule and complete. And also sustainable, as a long-term commitment.

  • Customized workouts for all fitness levels and age groups.

  • Total Body Integration multi-direction movements targeting various muscle groups to increase functional fitness.

  • Progressive levels of exercises to keep your fitness levels challenged.

  • Varied workouts that keep your mind-body focused and motivated. Your Personal Instructor will plan each workout using different combinations of exercises and equipment.

  • Injury-prevention with effective, safe teaching and personal attention.

  • Pilates principles of strong, efficient core-based movement applied in all workouts ensures maximum results with least stress.

  • Interval Training with high intensity, low impact exercises that help weight loss.

  • No fixed, repetitive workout charts and routines followed, which lead to lack of motivation, limited results, stress and injuries on the body.

Specialised High Intensity and Core Challenge Workouts

“Our bodies are a work-in-progress; there is no short-term solution. Have fun with your workouts; the results will follow.”

— Anjali Sareen


“Anjali and Sharat have created a great place with trainers they have personally trained...one can trust the exercise routine would work for you....and it would be 100% injury free!”

— Protima A

  • Goal specific personal training at The Zone Koramangala

    Our Total Body Integration workouts are sessions that you will actually ENJOY and look forward to!

  • Personal Training at The Zone Mind and Body Studio

    Equipment used includes Medicine Balls | Stability Cushions | Resistance Tubing | Pilates Tower and Reformer Resistance Machines | TRX Suspension Straps | Battle-ropes | Pilates Small Equipment | Free Weights

“Trainers at Zone plan and tailor make each workout for you after consulting with you on your goal.

Your sessions at Zone are always work in progress. It keeps evolving with how you cope up, how much progress you have made and what your needs are. They constantly keep evaluating your performance to help you achieve your goals.”

— Yashveer L


Customised for varied fitness levels and age-groups, Program benefits include

- Total Body Workouts
- Strength & Conditioning
- Core Strength
- Interval Training
- Injury Prevention
- Post-Injury Strengthening
- Athletic Conditioning
- Fat-Burning Intervals
- Improved Quality of Life