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Pilates Resistance Ring: Total Body Integration with Functional Stabilisation


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn Pilates core-strengthening exercises

  • Learn Total Body movements using Muscle Slings for functional stabilisation of pelvic girdle.

  • Use the resistance of the Pilates Ring to add strength and stability challenge for peripheral limbs.

  • Work with the Pilates Ring in varied exercises using upper or lower body. Focus on stabilisation of shoulders, hips and core to increase functional stabilisation for better fitness and performance.  

  • Apply Pilates principles of alignment, stabilisation and control to make workouts more effective and focus on injury-prevention.

  • Use Muscle Slings to provide functional stabilisation for shoulders, hips and core for multi-joint movements.

  • Learn multi-plane, multi-directional movements to train for power, agility, balance, and control.

  • Learn exercises that can be programmed for varied fitness-levels and goals.

  • Participants will learn with a combination of demonstrations, physical execution of exercises, and teaching practice.

  • Participants will receive a Manual covering material taught and a Completion Certificate.

Duration: 5 hours                        

28 June

Foam Roller: Total Body Integration with Pilates and Functional Stabilisation

11 July

Reformer Pilates - Level 1