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Pilates on Cadillac at The Zone Studio

India’s first fully equipped Pilates studio.

Core Workouts on Pilates Reformer at The Zone Pilates Studio

Custom Pilates Programs.

Designed to make you move and look better.


“Whatever you do, Pilates helps you do it better.”

— The Zone Movement Principle

Total Body Workouts on Pilates Cadillac

“The effectiveness and popularity of the Pilates Program is a result of the quality of teaching and programming applied to each persons’ workout at The Zone.”

— Anjali Sareen

Balance and Core challenge Reformer Pilates workouts


Anjali Sareen is India’s original Master Trainer for Pilates Teacher Training Education.
Our dedicated team of Instructors are among the finest professionals worldwide.

“I’ve been doing Pilates at The Zone Studio for about a decade and it has made me much stronger and my core fitness has improved a lot. I enjoy Pilates and wish I could do it more often.
The Zone is the perfect Pilates studio as care is taken with the workout for each member at every session without fail. The kind of running around I do every day due to my work is possible only because of the Pilates workouts that I do!
I recommend Pilates to everyone I know as it’s the best form of exercise.”

— Sridevi Rao

All Zone Instructors undergo a comprehensive training and mentorship program.
Continuing education programs ensure they stay updated in their knowledge and continue to evolve in their teaching and programming skills.
This depth of training enables them to expand their roles beyond a conventional personal trainer.


Two areas that especially define the quality and skill of The Zone Pilates Instructors

  • PROGRAMMING SKILLS. There are hundreds of exercise options, available on the Pilates equipment, to address the total body. The Zone Pilates Instructors are equipped with specific programming skills that enable them to custom program workouts for you, selecting exercises best suited to add challenge or address any lifestyle-related concern.
    Pilates workouts at The Zone do not follow a common chart for all clients. Workouts are progressive in work-load, to keep you challenged, focused, and inspired.

  • TEACHING SKILLS. Teaching on Pilates machines requires a different skill-set from teaching on conventional fitness equipment. To ensure you derive maximum results from your Pilates workouts, at The Zone, your Instructor teaches you with a strong focus on cues and corrections to ensure good alignments, muscle engagements and movement patterns.  

  • Stability Chair Pilates Workouts at The Zone Studio Koramangala

    Pilates Equipment:
    Reformers | Cadillac/Trapeze | Stability Chair | Tower | Ladder Barrel.

    Small Equipment:
    Jump-boards | Fitness Circles | Foam Rollers | Rotational Disks | Stability Cushions | Mat and more.

  • Pilates Core Workouts on Cadillac

    All our programs are based on

    • Contemporary thinking that incorporates modern exercise principles

    • Functional fitness with progressively challenging workouts

    • Customised sessions for individual goals, current fitness levels, and varied lifestyle concerns.

“I have been practicing Pilates for three years and find the teaching at The Zone great.  There is a real focus on my personal development at a pace right for me. 
I’m desk-bound every day and Pilates helps deal with all the aches and pains that causes.  I also love the body toning it builds, and the general sense of well-being it provides.  Thanks a lot to the team at The Zone.”

— David Millard


Our Pilates Programs focus on
Fitness | Sports | Rehabilitation | Injury Recovery and Prevention | Professional Athletic and Sports Performance | Functional Fitness | Prenatal and Postpartum

 Find out how Pilates can help you.


Reformer Pilates workouts at The Zone Mind and Body Studio

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”

— Joseph Pilates

Pilates Personal Training at The Zone Studio

We are made to move, and being able to move stronger, more effortlessly and efficiently, with less stress and risk of injury to the body is something we all want.

Reformer Pilates Strength and Conditioning

A much in demand workout world-wide, Pilates is a very versatile strength and conditioning method.


Pilates improves cardiovascular efficiency, endurance, joint-stability, control, balance and body-awareness. These benefits make it a popular program for those in martial arts, yoga, dance, sports, and outdoor activities.

  • As a mind-body conditioning method, Pilates results in higher levels of energy, concentration and focus. This leads to efficiency at work, in studies, and helps in decreasing stress-levels.

  • Pilates is used world-wide for rehabilitation and special population concerns related to the back, shoulder, knee, and more. Learn more

  • Prenatal and Postpartum women benefit tremendously with Pilates exercises. Learn more

  • Pilates can be adapted to train and strengthen for daily living to varied activities, such as golf, cricket, swimming, running, tennis, horse-riding, basketball, cycling, dance etc.



  • A mind-body conditioning method, Pilates was developed more than 100 years ago by German-born, Joseph Pilates. He developed an entire range of equipment based on spring-resistance to correct postural and muscular imbalances, and improve quality of life through better fitness and health.

  • Pilates is a system of movement and fitness meant equally - for men and women. It is often perceived as a workout meant for women. However, one simply has to look at its creator, Joseph Pilates, who used it to build and maintain a body, into his 80’s, that defined fitness, strength and vitality.

  • Pilates is used in programs for fitness enthusiasts, rehabilitation and movement specialists, professional and recreational sports-persons, Olympic athletes, actors, performers, media personalities and celebrities, to high level achievers from varied fields.