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Prenatal workouts at The Zone Mind and Body Studio

Custom Programming for specific goals and safety concerns

To help manage changing demands of daily living activities on a woman's body during pregnancy and after.


The Pilates system is used world-wide in studios and clinics for prenatal and post-partum women.


Pilates workouts build strength, balance, and control; all factors that become very important for a woman during her pregnancy and after.


“Safety can be a concern for moms. In which case Pilates is safer than even walking or any other form of exercise. Highly highly recommended!”

— Sharon P

Prenatal Pilates workouts at The Zone Mind and Body Studio

Build a strong foundation.

Strengthen deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles


“During my pregnancy I was looking for something involving a full body workout that focused on my core strength, resistance training and that had a strong mind body connection. Pilates seemed perfect.
I’m so glad I met Anjali and decided to start the prenatal Pilates at The Zone. The sessions have been great.
Thanks a lot for helping me keep fit through the pregnancy! I’ve felt great throughout.”

— Pallavi T

The low-impact workouts emphasize breathing that helps in better circulation across the body. These sessions also result in a tremendous feel-good factor that leaves one feeling energized. 


Advantages of working on the Pilates machines include

  • Building better body-awareness and functional fitness

  • Strengthening stabilizing muscles for better joint-control

  • Targeted strengthening of the hips and upper body muscles for increased demands made on the body during pregnancy and post-partum

  • Improved stability, balance and coordination for the body

  • Correcting posture alignment and muscular imbalances


“This is my second Prenatal Pilates Program at The Zone.

I’ve had prior experience, during my first pregnancy, with the prenatal and postnatal program and have high confidence in Anjali and team.

I would do 2 sessions a week & those two days were an absolute no-miss! it made me feel calm, taken care of and strong in my pregnancy…. Especially with a three year old toddler to take care of back home.

— Sharon P


“I decided to start prenatal Pilates from 4th month of my pregnancy. With a history of knee injury and subsequent surgery, I was sure I wanted to continue exercising.
I have seen a tremendous improvement in my strength, it has helped me maintain my energy levels throughout my pregnancy while also working on my balance and flexibility.

It definitely has a positive impact on the mood and overall well-being too while one’s body is going through a drastic transformation and gearing for the delivery.”

— Pallavi T

  • Core strengthening and posture alignment Pilates pregnancy workouts at The Zone with Anjali Sareen

    Equipment used for sessions include the Pilates Reformer, Tower, Stability Chair, and varied small equipment.

  • Pilates pregnancy workouts at The Zone with Anjali Sareen

    The Prenatal and Postpartum Programs help energise, build, and restore body and mind wellness.

Pregnancy workouts for core, breathing, posture at The Zone Pilates Studio Bangalore

Strengthen the body. Energize the mind.

For physical and emotional well-being during and after pregnancy

Mind | Body | Soul
Wellness through your pregnancy and after