An integrated approach to getting you stronger
Mind | Body | Soul

Pilates workouts for rehabilitation and strengthening at The Zone Bangalore

Re-train and Strengthen using Pilates

An extensively used system, world-wide, for rehabilitation and strengthening of the body.


“We are made to move and Pilates helps to make movements efficient and strong.”

— The Zone Movement Principle

Mind-Body strengthening workouts at The Zone Pilates studio Bangalore with Anjali Sareen

Guided by the expertise and experience of Anjali Sareen

The pioneer of fitness and rehabilitation Pilates in India. Her experience spans 30 years.


Anjali has trained and guided physiotherapists and movement specialists across the country in this method. 


The Rehab Program addresses concerns that affect daily living related to
Back | Neck | Hip | Knee | Shoulder | Muscle pain | and more.

A primary focus of the program is on recovery post-injury for
Professional sports-persons and athletes | Fitness and sports enthusiasts

“Anjali and Sharat, this little note is to thank you both profusely for all the fantastic treatment I have received.
I am feeling rejuvenated and the results are showing in my work and my attitude to life.
I write this because, very often as recipients of timely help we forget to acknowledge the role of others in the process. Thank you both once again. God bless.”

— Narayan Rao


Custom programming for successful rehab

Movements are modified to address individual needs, challenges and goals.


Programs are customised for

  • post-surgery strengthening,

  • injury-prevention,

  • many lifestyle related and special populations concerns such as spine and disc-related,

  • fibromyalgia,

  • osteoarthritis, and more.


Sessions are specific to the person and do not consist of a fixed routine of exercises to be applied for every back, shoulder, knee or any other concern as the case may be.

Focus is on:

  • strengthening, re-training specific concerns

  • training the body to work in an integrated, efficient, and pain-free way


“I had a stroke that left me suffering a borderline vertigo and a weak right side. I also lost Anjali’s skills for the years that I was away.

For years I had been working out with Anjali, until I shifted to Kenya. When I got back to the real world, Anjali looked me up and down and said, “I will see you in my studio.” From that spot in time, to where I am today, I credit The Zone and Anjali and Sharat with my fitness.
The fact that I can stand up with no trouble in my knees or back or posture is another reason I wake up every alternate day before sunrise to drive all the way to Koramangala through beastly traffic. I work out with single-minded focus for the hour after that, and then with quivering muscles and expanded lungs, I go back home to an angelic breakfast. Life is worth living!”

— Jyoti Thyagarajan

Stability Balance Core Posture-correction workouts at The Zone Pilates Studio in Bangalore

Regain functional movement capability

Joint Stability | Muscular Strength | Correct Movement Patterning | Stability | Balance | Control | Core Strengthening


The program uses the versatile Pilates Reformer and other specialised Pilates machines, along with varied small equipment.

The Pilates machines are designed to assist or challenge the body's system as required.


The machines use spring-resistance that provide constant proprioceptive feedback which helps to

  • increase body-awareness during movements,

  • improve muscle engagement and movement patterns to build strength, stability and control.


“I have been attending Pilates classes at Zone since 2006 and cannot say enough about the positive experience I have had at this studio.

The owners and instructors, Anjali and Sharat, are attentive, knowledgeable and caring professionals that customize my workouts based on my personal fitness level and goals.
As a result of my weekly sessions for the last 13 years, I have seen great improvements in my health and will continue Pilates at Zone for the tremendous overall benefits I have experienced.

This has been the best investment I have made for my health and general well being.”

— Zenobia Medhora


Address Special Population concerns

Osteoporosis | Multiple Sclerosis | Post-stroke | Osteoarthritis | Hypertension | Respiratory-related concerns | Post-treatment cancer survivors | Disc-related concerns | Fibromyalgia


“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

— Joseph Pilates


“Pilates helped me change my outlook towards my health and become kinder to my body and mind. Have become a calmer person now. It is such a unique experience. Thank you, Anjali and team. Your studio name is just right – we really feel so great in the body and mind!”

— Shantala Rao