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In this new and changed social environment it has become more imperative for us to ensure that we stay safe while working towards staying fit and healthy, both in mind and body.

We have apprehensions of being in public places, be it your office or your fitness studio, and rightly so. It’s important to stay cautious, not only on a personal level but also with respect to the places you go to.

The Zone is a boutique fitness studio for the discerning individual; offering Personal Training sessions only by appointment. It’s a studio that makes social distancing easy - with a layout that is open, spacious, uncluttered.

Our Pilates and HICC Personal Training workout areas are designed to ensure maximum social distancing for clients during their sessions.

Over the last 3 decades, one of the primary driving factors for me has been to motivate people to incorporate fitness and health as a lifestyle rather than an occasional inclusion in one's schedule.

It has always been important to me to provide the most conducive environment where clients can enjoy the process and actually look forward to their fitness journey long term.

So, to me, fitness and health is a life-long commitment, which I enjoy bringing to others.

At the Studio my team and I have always been particular in ensuring a clean, healthful and safe workout environment. With the current scenario, we have stepped it up even further.

Here's how:

  • We schedule a limited number of sessions at any given time - to ensure maximum social distancing.

  • We continue to thoroughly sanitize all equipment and workout areas before each session.

  • Rest-rooms, common areas are disinfected and sanitized at very regular intervals through the day.

  • Instructor Guidelines for sanitising, washing hands before each session, wearing masks, and ensuring a clean workout area before each session.

  • Client Guidelines - avoid scheduling sessions if unwell, temperature check upon arrival, sanitising, washing hands, using masks as appropriate.

  • We advise clients to arrive at least 10 minutes before their appointment to ensure time for studio and client safety protocol before the sessions starts.

  • Strict adherence to starting and finishing times of sessions to ensure adequate time between sessions for us to prepare for the next session.

  • Closely monitoring the health status of our Instructors and support-staff. 

In this changed environment, we'll ensure that you continue to pursue your fitness goals in a safe and healthful manner at The Zone.

Stay the course! Remember there are no shortcuts, consistency is key. And, in the new order of things, we shall find a way to keep moving forward!

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