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At The Zone, we use Pilates along with varied conditioning drills and movements to help improve performance and strength in your chosen sport or activity.


Sports Performance workouts at The Zone Fitness and Pilates Studio in Bangalore

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Reduce risk of injury | Recover stronger post-injury


The goal of an athlete and sportsperson, professional or recreational, is always focused on improving performance while staying injury-free. And, to recover stronger and better post-injury.


Our goal is to apply all our expertise and experience towards helping you achieve your goals. YOU are our star.


Improve Performance

Functional training and core strength for mobility, coordination, balance, and stability.


“For more control and power, always stabilise the body BEFORE creating movement.”

— The Zone Movement Principle


Pilates is the cornerstone of our Sports Performance Program.

We believe applying principles of Pilates to any movement will only make us move better.


“With injuries in my meniscus in the left knee, ATFL in the right ankle and MCL in the right knee, I'd reluctantly accepted that a sedentary lifestyle would be my fate. I was also suffering from chronic neck pain, headaches, wrist pain and a weak upper body because of a bulging cervical disc. I was also told by spine experts that getting back to playing sports/strength training would not be possible. They were not entirely wrong because every time I tried to exercise I'd get bedridden for a week.  

Zone was the best thing to happen to me at this stage. They've got a great team of trainers who understand the nitty-gritties of the body and not just a bunch of muscular jocks. The way they obsess over the smallest things really helped in the process of injury rehabilitation.  

Rehabilitation aside, Zone also helped improve my balance, flexibility and functional strength. Would strongly recommend to anyone who's looking to improve sports performance.  

Thank you Anjali, Sharat and team for having made such a valuable contribution to my life.  

Special mention to Mohan who was my personal trainer in this process. Amazing person and a great coach!”

— Hari Anantharaman


Pilates is most effective in addressing common sports-related injuries such as rotator cuff impingement, tears, sprains, joint instability, back pain and more.


Core strength and injury prevention workouts at The Zone Pilates Studio in Bangalore

Train smarter with Pilates conditioning

Build your skills with the favored training program of athletes and sports-persons worldwide.



“Pilates is designed to give you suppleness, natural grace, and skill that will be unmistakably reflected in the way you walk, in the way you play, and in the way you work.”

— Joseph Pilates



Total Body Integrated Movement

Pilates teaches the body to move in a more intelligent and aware manner, without creating unnecessary stress on the entire body.


Improve your sports performance.
Get stronger post-injury.

  • Mobility, agility and core training for sports performance at The Zone Personal Training Studio in Bangalore

    Pilates forms a part of the training regimes of most Olympics athletes.

  • Mobility, agility and core training for sports performance at The Zone Personal Training Studio in Koramangala

    Golfers, cricketers, swimmers, cyclists, athletes, basketball, badminton, tennis, rugby players, and others, all use Pilates to enable them to train harder, better and with less injuries.

Pilates for Injury Prevention

  • Pilates training is done primarily on spring-resistance machines where adjustments can be made for individual needs and goals. This enables specific focus on individual alignments and movement patterns.

  • Increased body-awareness leads to

    - efficient, effective movements

    - higher endurance and energy levels

    - less stress being placed on the body.

  • Working on the Pilates machines provides proprioceptive feedback to the body. This improves muscle engagements and movements leading to better strength, stability and control.

  • Emphasis is placed on teaching the body to integrate working with stabilizing and mobilizing muscles while maintaining integrity of joint-control.


The Zone Sports Performance Program Focus

  • Core strengthening to build a strong, stable foundation for all movement.

  • Correcting muscular imbalances and posture alignment with increased body-awareness.

  • Functional training with compound multi-plane movements using varied muscle groups. Focus on increasing mobility, coordination, stability, and balance.

  • Rehabilitation post-injury

  • Injury Prevention

  • Increase mental focus and concentration

  • Develop muscular and postural symmetry to correct imbalances resulting from repetitive movements and one-sided sports.

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