The New Reasons to Workout – which one is yours?

There is an energy and vitality, along with a sense of accomplishment, that surrounds people for whom fitness is a lifestyle choice. And this is even more true for women who workout. Exercise - and the feeling of strength and energy that comes from it - can be very empowering and, women are increasingly embracing the same.

Exercising to lose weight and look good is still an important goal, but not the only focus for women, across age-groups.  Being strong, sculpted and toned are some of the current fitness goals for women.

Staying fit through pregnancy and post child-birth. Women are recognizing the emotional and physical benefits of Prenatal fitness programs. Customized exercise programmes are being used by women to ensure better posture, less muscular imbalances, stronger muscles and energy to help them through their pregnancy and during child-birth. Post child-birth women are resuming their exercise programmes to focus on regaining their body-shape and also their strength and energy for a continued active lifestyle.   

Activity-oriented fitness. Women are increasingly re-discovering the thrill and joy experienced through outdoor activities and sports - running, cycling, trekking, motorcycling, tennis, badminton, swimming and more - are being regularly included in daily life, weekend plans, and holidays.

Women are taking up exercise programmes that will get them functionally stronger and fitter, with better stability, agility and control for such activities.  Playing sports and engaging in outdoor activities they last experienced during their student or early adulthood days, is thrilling and energizing.

Encouraged by the possibility of including activities outside of their roles between home, family, and work women are finding the time to fit in regular workouts - be it young mothers using their time, when children are at school, or working women scheduling workouts through varied times during their work days.

Social Influencers are hugely impacting workout related choices. The importance placed on fitness and health by high-achievers, on a world-wide platform, in varied fields such as performing arts (actors, singers, dancers), media, politics, corporate, and sports, strongly re-enforces the importance, in fact necessity, for a fitness-oriented lifestyle.  Women understand that they can achieve much more in terms of their fitness without compromising on other aspects of their lives.

The goals and reasons for exercise are definitely changing. After all, it’s a thrilling sense of accomplishment to discover new levels of strength, fitness, and endurance - through workouts, sports and outdoor activities. 

Go ahead, discover what you’d like to get out there and do – then find the most suitable fitness programme to get you ready and go for it!  

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