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Pilates | Functional Fitness | Sports Performance | Rehab | Special Populations

An elite education program is defined by the quality of teaching, the material presented and the experience of the Master Trainer to help nurture successful and effective Instructors.


Pilates Teacher Training

An unmatched learning experience with the Original Master Trainer of Pilates in India.

“It is commonly believed, especially by fitness trainers and coaches teaching other workout programs, that teaching on Pilates equipment is the same as teaching on conventional fitness and gym equipment.
However, in my experience, to be a successful Pilates instructor requires a different skill-set – one that relies a lot more on details, such as cues and corrections, that are based on a much deeper understanding of the Pilates method and principles.”

— Anjali Sareen

Master Trainer Anjali Sareen’s expertise and experience to your advantage

The two areas differentiating the quality and skill of a Zone-trained Pilates Instructor are PROGRAMMING and CUSTOMISED Teaching.

Zone-trained Pilates instructors learn to select, program and teach varied workouts, from the hundreds of exercises that are part of the Pilates system.

The Zone Pilates Courses enable Instructors to understand and effectively apply Pilates principles when teaching on varied Pilates equipment and mat-work.

Pilates equipment includes the Reformer, Stability Chair, Tower, Cadillac-Trapeze, and Ladder Barrel.


Over the years, Anjali realised the challenges faced by students after completing various other Pilates certification programs. Even with a substantial investment, of their time and expenses, the learning from such courses seemed ineffective - with limited understanding and clarity on the subject.

The effectiveness and popularity of Pilates is based on its teaching methods that focus deeply on body alignments, muscle engagements, and movement patterns.

The Zone Pilates Teacher Training focuses on developing these skills, to enable you to teach, using the Pilates equipment and mat repertoire to its full potential.

Anjali Sareen, as the original Master Teacher Trainer of Pilates Education in India, introduced and taught programs of Stott Pilates, Canada, for a number of years.

“Thank you Anjali Sareen, Sharat and the team at Zone Mind Body studio. Coming from a yoga background, I was wondering how different pilates would be. Honestly, it was a truly humbling experience. The studio and quality of teaching was par excellence. The team ensured one got a thorough understanding of the functional aspect of Pilates. They provided plenty of opportunity for us to put the theory into practise.

I would not hesitate to recommend Zone Pilates to anyone considering a course in Pilates and am looking forward to higher levels of training with them.”

— Kavita Alva

The Zone Pilates courses are structured over various levels.

It is recommended starting with Level 1 of Reformer and Mat. Based on individual career goals, we offer guidance on the next level of learning with the Pilates equipment.
This approach enables Instructors to teach effectively and ensure clients achieve their goals.

Continuing Education Workshops are offered to enable Instructors to stay competitive and updated.

These workshops provide Instructors with new material to add intensity, challenge and variety to their classes.

Small equipment such as JumpBoards, Foam Rollers, Pilates Rings, Toning Balls, and more are included in these workshops.

The Zone Pilates courses and continuing education workshops are suitable for:

Fitness Professionals | Physiotherapists | Personal Trainers | Group Instructors | Professionals and enthusiasts in Dance and Performing Arts | Yoga Instructors | Movement and Sports Coaches | Career-changers | Fitness enthusiasts | and more 

“Words are falling short to express my experience with The Zone Mind and Body Studio. God bestowed his best blessings by making us meet ANJALI ma'am, truly a super human in disguise, with tons of knowledge and power who believes in absolute hardwork and dedication. She and her Instructors (Shrikant sir & Mohan sir) made sure we get the best out of her training, so that we flourish with her support and blessings. Big shout out to Mohan sir and Shrikant sir. Best 5 days of our lives, can’t wait to meet the whole squad again. Thank you so much THE ZONE MIND AND BODY STUDIO.”

— Brenda N


Functional Fitness | Sports Performance
Instructor Training

Differentiate yourself from a conventional fitness trainer with this unique Fitness Education Program.

Take your teaching skills and workout programs to a different level with The Total Body Integration Workshops.

The workshops teach unique workouts combining -
Strength and Conditioning | Stability and Balance | Core Strengthening | Mobility and Agility Training | Interval Training for Fat-burning and Endurance-building | Injury Prevention

The workshops teach programming workouts to build, challenge and strengthen fitness levels while focusing on injury-prevention.



The Total Body Integration Workshops have been developed by Anjali Sareen, based on her experience of thirty years - in fitness, rehab, sports performance, and special populations.

Program Highlights

  • Material presented can be adapted to train varied fitness levels and age-groups.

  • Strong focus on how to teach and program workouts to prevent workout-related injuries and stresses.

These functional fitness workouts enable you to improve quality of life of your clients – at work, home or play.

“Thank you so much for the wonderful workshops, especially incorporating programming. I can actually feel the difference in the workouts I teach, in Pilates and Functional Fitness.

Looking forward to more such fun-filled learning workshops.
Thank you. God bless!

— Anupa R

These Fitness and Athletic Conditioning workshops include equipment and body-weight training.

Equipment includes:
Medicine balls | Resistance Tubing | Stability Cushions | Resistance Circles | Suspension Straps | Free Weights | and more

These workouts can be adapted for Personal Training or Group Classes.

Each workshop provides modifications and variations to enable you to program varied workouts with progressive challenge.

The Total Body Integration Workshop Series are ideal for:

Fitness Professionals | Physiotherapists | Personal Trainers | Group Instructors | Movement and Sports Coaches | Career-changers | Fitness enthusiasts | and more

“The ZONE - EDUCATION WITH HANDS ON PRACTICE. I did instructor course with Anjali Mam and she is excellent. She has very nice teaching skills and we can grasp it easily. I have learnt a lot in this course and am looking forward to attend other courses with her. One of the best teachers I have met and down to earth. Always ready to share her knowledge with us.
Thank you very much Mam. 😊”

— Mayurika Shastri

Zone Education in Special Population | Rehabilitation

These programs focus on building a cohesive approach towards functionally strengthening the body.


Learn from India’s pioneer in Pilates Rehab and Fitness

Responsible for introducing Pilates Rehab programs in India, Anjali has designed these education programs, based on her 30 years of teaching experience in fitness, rehab, sports performance, and special populations.
Learn to integrate Pilates principles of stabilisation and movement to help regain and strengthen functional movement capability.

Teaching skills focus on
Joint Stability | Muscular Engagements | Correct Movement Patterns | Stability | Balance | Control | Core Strengthening

The courses emphasise custom programming to successfully address individual needs, challenges and goals of clients instead of using standard charts for any and all concerns.
Courses offered range from pre-natal to post-injury rehab to lifestyle concerns.
The programs use Pilates equipment, mat-work and varied small equipment.

The Zone Special Population and Rehab courses are suitable for:

Physiotherapists, Movement and Sports Coaches, Fitness Professionals, Personal Trainers, Group Instructors, and Yoga Instructors.

World-wide Pilates is an extensively used system for rehabilitation and strengthening of the body for special populations.

“I have been attending courses at Zone for many years now. Totally recommend attending these courses.

Anjali puts in a lot of effort to make sure you understand the material and have lots to take back home.
There is a lot more practical training unlike other similar courses.

— Dhara K, MPT


“Dear Anjali. Thank you so much for the Prenatal Pilates Training.
My cousin recently delivered a baby boy with C-section and she had a cardiac issue so she could not put on weight.

Her gynaecologist was so thrilled for all the 5 months of her training.
All thanks to your training. Thank you so much.”

— Anupa R


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