TRX Suspension Training

Elite fitness programs for the discerning


Resistance based training using your body-weight and gravity


Trx suspension workouts at The Zone in Bangalore

Custom Suspension Training Workouts to Build

Strength | Balance | Coordination | Flexibility | Core | Joint Stability

Strength and core training total body TRX  workouts at The Zone Bangalore

Total Body Workouts

Based on principles of efficient movement and alignment to maximise gains, minimise stress.

TRX workouts are based on functional training.

Focus is on
Core-engagements | Principles of efficient movement | Effective muscle engagement | Correct Alignments to minimise stress.


Sessions are programmed with compound moves that work multiple muscle groups in multi-plane directions.

Total Body Workouts are designed to maximise results, for each individual, with exercises such as
Squats | Lunges | Pull ups | Planks | Pikes | and more.

TRX workouts for strength, fat burn, core at The Zone Fitness Studio Koramangala

Challenge cardiovascular endurance

With workouts programmed with varied speed and intensity.

TRX suspension training workouts at The Zone Fitness Studio Bangalore

Suspension Training at The Zone

Workouts with a difference.

  • Personal training TRX total body workouts The Zone Fitness Studio Bangalore

    All sessions are customised based on individual goals and fitness levels, across varied age groups.

  • Personal training TRX total body workouts The Zone Studio Koramangala

    The TRX workouts incorporate progressive levels of training to increase challenge, as strength and fitness levels grow.

Focus your workouts on

Functional and Core Training | Stability and Balance

Power and Mobility | Burning Fat and Building Strength