Your workout is not meant to entertain you!

Entertainment - generally defined as something that provides amusement or is a pleasant diversion.

A workout - physical exercise to increase your fitness levels.

Of course, a well-chosen customised fitness program will also lead to you feeling energised – emotionally, mentally and physically.
Keeping one entertained however, is really not the purpose of a workout!
So, you may need to re-evaluate the reason/s for the boredom or monotony you are experiencing in your workouts.

The enthusiastic start
You enroll yourself along with your friends for the current most-popular workout, get yourself the trendiest workout gear and show up for all your classes.  

Losing the vibe
And then, over a period of time (or sooner), you find yourself feeling demotivated, bored and start to skip your workouts.
You tell yourself (and others) that the workout is no longer fun and you need to find a new more interesting workout.

The search starts
From there, most often, starts a pattern of constantly switching your workouts to the next trending routine or signing up at the newest gym looking for that elusive entertainment factor.  

The reality
The boredom that you are experiencing in your workouts is probably more a result of the unsuitability of that workout for you, rather than a lack of entertainment value (remember that’s not the purpose of a workout). 

Your workout should be programmed to your level of fitness. An effective workout is one that can be scaled up systematically and progressively, to keep you challenged and motivated.
A fixed routine followed over an extended period, with little or no change, leads to a lack of results, frustration and boredom.

Be it a run, a yoga class, a dance workout or a strength and conditioning session. Doing the same repetitive movements or going through the same sequences of exercises, with little or no change, gets monotonous and repetitive.
The body adapts to the workload of repetitive movements that leads to a fitness plateau and repetitive stress injuries.

Participating in multiple ‘different’ classes to keep your workout program varied, fun and entertaining does not provide a solution to the inevitable sense of ennui, not to mention the lack of results. And I repeat, fun is not meant to be the goal of your fitness efforts.

The key is finding a workout specific and suitable for YOU.
You need to choose a workout program, designed by an experienced professional, that addresses your goals, fitness levels and lifestyle. The right program is one that can be scaled up to address your changing fitness levels and goals.
And because such a fitness program will show you results you will stay motivated and committed for the long term.

Exercise is meant to positively impact our daily living and health, on multiple levels – physical, mental, and emotional.  Feeling strong and looking good are the major drivers for our exercise efforts – then we need to ensure that we chose workouts that will address those goals, safely and effectively.

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